Rosie's Recipes

I love cooking. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, and you get a nice meal at the end of it! Win-win. I started cooking more and experimenting with food when I turned vegetarian over four years ago, and haven’t really looked back since. I cook a lot for my parents when I am back at home in Cornwall and they began to tell me I am actually quite a decent little chef, and so here we are. I’ve never really just followed one recipe; my meals have always been a mish-mash from different cookbooks, while completely winging it with what I have in the cupboard. While in social isolation I have decided to write up and compile some of my recipes, all of which are super simple and they don’t require any fancy Nigella-esque ingredients. As I said, I am vegetarian, but most things can be altered for meat-eaters if you feel like you really need it (which is weird, but whatever). I also tend to stay away from dairy as it doesn’t agree one little bit, with me so expect a lot dairy-free recipes! Let me know if you find any of these useful, and enjoy cooking!!